Spring Donuts

We’ve got a couple things happening this week.

Spring donuts are here! Our Downtown Donut is lemon icing, with sweet coconut flakes, and jelly beans. We also have 3 colors of peep inspired donuts (marshmallow in 3 colors and granulated sugar sprinkled on top).  We’ll have them until Saturday at 8pm.

We can make it into a dozen or ½ dozen so you can bring a little spring into your home or office (or wherever you’re headed).

Here’s how a conversation went this week:
N: “They look like they’re screaming”
K: “Oh no, I can’t unsee it”
N: “Do you think vanilla would be better?”
K: “I think it’s the gaping hole in the middle that looks like they’re screaming.”
We’re happy to add eyes, but if you’d prefer non-screaming peeps, just let us know. 😂

We’re also doing a Teach Appreciation day Friday. We’ll open early, at 7am. Show us your teacher’s badge and you’ll get 10% off your order (homeschool teachers too).

Lastly, we’re closed on Sunday for Easter (our daughter is getting baptized, so an especially exciting day in our house this year).