Cosmic Brownie Donut

We’re taking you into a different universe with this week’s Downtown Donut. Our Cosmic Brownie Donut tastes just like the brownies you love! They are dipped in a creamy, milk chocolate icing and are topped with dark, chewy brownies bits, chocolate drizzle, and rainbow sprinkles.

We’ll make them hot and fresh all day, Wednesday – Saturday 8am-8pm.

Butterfinger Donut

The Butterfinger candy bar was created in 1923 in Chicago, Illinois by Otto Schering, and we’re topping our downtown Donut with it this week. The Butterfinger Donut is hand-dipped in our yummy chocolate frosting, then covered with butterfinger bits, and drizzled with Reese’s peanut butter.

We will be open this Monday 8am-8pm for Martin Luther King  Jr. Day and Wednesday – Saturday 8am-8pm.

And you can always order online too.