Cream Cheese icing, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Sugar

As the temperature drops, and fall is in the air, we were looking to capture it in a donut. Of course, it’s also important that it tastes delicious.

The Downtown Donut this week is a rich cream cheese icing, hand-spread onto each donut. Then we sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon sugar over the top of it. We’ve already had requests to make it a regular part of our Downtown Dozen.

Come try it until Saturday at 8pm.

Pumpkin Donuts this Sunday, 11/12 from 6-8pm

We’ve heard a lot of requests for Pumpkin Donuts since fall started. This Sunday, 11/12 from 6-8pm, we’ll be making Pumpkin Donuts hot and fresh. We toss them in cinnamon sugar, and sell them by the dozen and ½ dozen.

We’re in the right season for it, where it seems everything goes pumpkin flavored. We’ve seen the ridiculous from dog shampoo, to pumpkin chapstick. But Donuts – an obvious pumpkin choice.

This is only event we’re planning to offer them. If you’ve been vocal about loving all things pumpkin, this is your chance to show your love for pumpkin donuts. We may do a 2nd run if we see they’re popular.


Harry Potter week 4: Slytherin

Our final week of Harry Potter donuts is Slytherin. All week we’ll offer our Slytherin Donut as our Downtown Donut.

Slytherin is not so scrumptious as our previous weeks. It’s covered in green vanilla icing, crushed mint Oreo, and a gummy worm that is either sweet or sour (you won’t know until you take a bite).

Come get your Slytherin donut until Halloween! We’re also going to have a special Harry Potter dozen you can pick up for your Halloween parties. Stay tuned for more details.

Strawberry Icing, Chocolate Drizzle, and Graham Cracker

Since our first week offering strawberry icing, we’ve had people come in and request it every week. So we decided to indulge again.

It’s hard to go wrong pairing up any other toppings with strawberry. This week, we went with a rich chocolate drizzle, and then crumbled graham cracker over the top of it. It’s sweet without being too sweet, and fruity balanced with rich chocolate and the familiar taste of graham cracker. So delicious!

Digital Gift Cards are Now Available

We now have digital gift cards available! You can purchase the gift card online, and stop by the store to redeem it (just show us the code on your phone). It’s pretty simple.

We’re also working on physical gift cards. We hope to have them available in the shop starting in October.

A cool feature of the digital gift cards, is that you can future date them. Maybe you want to send your friend a gift card for their birthday next Thursday. No problem, just set it to “Send on a future date.”

There are also multiple images to choose from. (Looking for a different type of image? Just let us know, we’ll try to add it).

Buy an a eGift Card