Marshmallow, Nutter Butter, HERSHEYS, and RESSES

You know how delicious peanut butter things make other delicious chocolate things more delicious? And then you add marshmallow? And then you add REESE’S peanut butter drizzle on top?

If you said yes, you have lived the good life my friend. If you said no, we’ve got you covered. Prepare.

The Downtown Donut this week is marshmallow topped with Nutter Butter crumble, HERSHEYS mini chocolate chips, and RESSES peanut butter drizzled on top.

Chocolate Donuts

Chocolate Donuts for New Year’s Eve

Want something special to snack on during your New Year’s Eve party? From 6-8pm, we’re making chocolate donuts with a clear sugar glaze. They’re cake-y, they’re chocolate-y, and we’ve already eaten too many making sure we get them right.

We’re giving away a free dozen to the 18th customer!

All the donuts are $50, unless you yell “Happy New Year!” and then they’re our normal prices.