Spring Donuts

We’ve got a couple things happening this week.

Spring donuts are here! Our Downtown Donut is lemon icing, with sweet coconut flakes, and jelly beans. We also have 3 colors of peep inspired donuts (marshmallow in 3 colors and granulated sugar sprinkled on top).  We’ll have them until Saturday at 8pm.

We can make it into a dozen or ½ dozen so you can bring a little spring into your home or office (or wherever you’re headed).

Here’s how a conversation went this week:
N: “They look like they’re screaming”
K: “Oh no, I can’t unsee it”
N: “Do you think vanilla would be better?”
K: “I think it’s the gaping hole in the middle that looks like they’re screaming.”
We’re happy to add eyes, but if you’d prefer non-screaming peeps, just let us know. 😂

We’re also doing a Teach Appreciation day Friday. We’ll open early, at 7am. Show us your teacher’s badge and you’ll get 10% off your order (homeschool teachers too).

Lastly, we’re closed on Sunday for Easter (our daughter is getting baptized, so an especially exciting day in our house this year).

St Patrick's Day donuts

St Patricks Day Donuts

All week we’ve got St. Patrick’s Day Donuts!

Chocolate, cinnamon sugar, vanilla, sprinkles, white chocolate chips, maple, all kinds of flavors! Get all 6 or double it up for a dozen.

Here are the flavors:

  • Maple icing / green sprinkles / vanilla drizzle
  • Cinnamon sugar / green vanilla drizzle
  • Chocolate icing / green and white sprinkles
  • Marshmallow / green drizzle / caramel drizzle
  • Green icing / white sprinkles
  • Green icing / white chocolate chips

You can still get the rest of the Downtown Dozen as well.

Cream Cheese and Jalapeño Bacon

We love being in Downtown Concord. So many great people, and great businesses. We’re always looking for ways to collaborate with other businesses, like earlier this year when Red Hill Brewing Company approached us to make a donut beer (which was so good! We can’t wait to do another).

This week we’re collaborating with Local 25, an excellent restaurant, and right next door to us! They have a great menu and we thought we’d use their jalapeño bacon to get a unique flavor for bacon on a donut.

And we thought about how to add some sweet to the salty, balanced spice of the jalapeño bacon. We also wanted to keep it simple to let the bacon shine through.

The Downtown Donut this week is Cream Cheese Icing with Jalapeño Bacon from Local 25.