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We make every donut to order, and grind whole beans before every batch of coffee we brew.

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Downtown Donuts Slytherin donut
Harry Potter week 4: Slytherin
Our final week of Harry Potter donuts is Slytherin. All week we’ll offer our Slytherin Donut as our Downtown Donut.
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Harry Potter donuts - Hufflepuff
Harry Potter week 3: Hufflepuff
It’s our 3rd week of Harry Potter themed donuts. This week: Hufflepuff! We’re using a chocolate black icing, yellow sprinkles,
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Harry Potter donuts - Ravenclaw
Harry Potter week 2: Ravenclaw
We’re still following our theme of Harry Potter, and the houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This week we
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Downtown Dozen

The Downtown Dozen are some of our favorites. Grab one and try a little of everything.

The Classic
Pink icing / Rainbow sprinkles
Weekly special donut (a new combo every week)
Marshmallow / Graham cracker / Chocolate drizzle
Cinnamon sugar/ Vanilla drizzle
Chocolate icing / Reese’s candy / Peanut butter drizzle
Vanilla icing / Coconut
Vanilla icing / Blue sprinkles
Tutti Frutti
Lemon icing / Fruity Pebbles
Blueberry Hill
Blueberry icing / Powdered sugar
The Sophisticated
Chocolate icing / Caramel drizzle / Sea salt
Cookies n’ Cream
White icing / Oreo
Maple Bacon
Maple icing / Bacon


We grind whole beans from Dynamite Roasting in Black Mountain, NC.